Amy Tan

I didn’t fear failure. I expected failure

Hello people of the internet. This is my post for failures and epic fails.

I don’t really know why i chose this it just seemed to be a good one. So into the FAILS! I think Failure is just another meaning for learning, because if you fail you can always retry whatever it is your doing. For example i built a sword out of  foam and…well..i failed. I cut something by accident. But i LEARNED not to cut that part next time.

I agree with this quote because i knew i would fail and need to retry.


Hello! I just finished my new glog.

It’s about the book Are You My Mother? where a little bird who is looking for his mother encounters some strange things.

Ghostbusters 3!?

Ok, mostly everybody has seen the Ghostbuster movies 1 and 2 but 3, :0.

Yes Ghostbusters 3 coming out sometime in may(hopefully).

So Bill murray(the ghostbuster leader) to start with said he wouldnt do it. But a week or 2 later he said he would the third AND the fourth! And in my eyes i think if they made a second one then the first must have been popular and sucsesefull so if the third makes alot of money they would half to make a fourth.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

My Young Entrepreneur Fair.

Contando Dinheiro

Nice greeting of your readers, Shawn. I am so happy to hear that you were proud of yourself. You have just a few minor corrections. Notice that you have forgotten to capitalize the i —

Also, think about how you can wrap up this piece–can you ask a question to start a conversation?


Hello people! Last Friday was the Entrepreneur >>fair! It was so  fun selling  all my products. All together I made $24.00. They were selling for 1 dollar each, and unless you don’t know what i was  selling Flight >>write  feather pencils. I really didn’t think they were going to sell very well >>i don`t know why?

If>> i could run a  real business >>i would. It fells good to make something that people want to buy. It really felt like >>i was running a business when>> i was doing the money plan and the survey. I really felt good about myself. I also noticed a lot in the fair was that the quality of the product really helps selling purposes. Like some products were very good quality and sold very well other products weren’t good quality and didn’t sell.

There were so many products there like pinatas, hats, magnets, and even bookworms. Also everyone made posters for their products. I was really nervous because >>i thought over 300 people were coming all at once but instead they came through the day.

Seven Random Things About Me

Want to know more about me–well, these facts are all true!

  1. I am a very lazy person.
  2. I play action games with my friends.
  3. I have a metal detector.
  4. I am in grade 7 div 3.
  5. I love my new playroom in my new house.
  6. I love pepperoni pizza.
  7. I hate the sound of nails on a chalk board.